Under the Surface

People try to hide pieces of themselves from the world,
but Cleo’s best kept secret is a mystery, even to her.

Cleopatra Travers can’t remember what happens when she’s sleepwalking. Her parents know. They witnessed something they aren’t telling Cleo-and now whatever she did has carved a canyon of space between her entire family. Cleo’s parents are afraid of her, which makes Cleo terrified and unsure of herself.

Not receiving the love and acceptance she longs for at home, Cleo tries to fill the void at school. Now, as her junior year ends, she is finally becoming popular. But her plans become disrupted by the resurfacing of a forgotten crush and new discoveries about her sleepwalking that risk the exposure of her long-kept secret

You’ll love this mysterious and romantic story with realistic characters and sharp wit. Under the Surface is the first book of a brilliant young adult sci-fi series.

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C.T. Barney discovered writing as one of her passions during the summer of 2016 while enrolled in a stress management class. Several exercises required the students to carry a notebook around and scribble down thoughts and observations to practice being mindful. Long after the course ended, the notebook stayed at her side. Her notes inspired the creation of scenarios, characters, and eventually the idea for the Cleo series.

Barney was born in Las Vegas but lives and writes in Oregon with her frugal husband and two hungry sons. 


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